Having an Estate Beneficiary

I Can Help Protect Wealth For An Estate Beneficiary

I have many years of experience working personally with clients in creating the type of estate plan that expresses their special needs and desires. Paramount in their concerns is leaving as much as possible to their beneficiaries. My practice seeks to promote the protection of your assets while providing your estate beneficiary with the maximum preservation of wealth. My practice stands out in its personal attention to your needs and those of your estate beneficiary.

Also, you may find that you are an estate beneficiary and need help and guidance in protecting your rights.  I have represented many estate beneficiaries in New York Court proceedings so that they received the assets and property they were entitled to as an estate beneficiary.

I have been practicing law for over 25 years. I graduated in the top 10% of my class at The New England School of Law in Boston and served on Law Review. I'm committed to the success of my clients. I enjoy working through the nuances of a case's details often uncovering something important that didn't initially seem obvious. I love hearing a client say, "Thank you so much Jules."

I am available through many methods of communication, including telephone, fax and e-mail. Call (212) 355-2575, fax (212) 751-5911 or contact me via e-mail