Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Probate

Brooklyn is home to over 2.5 million New Yorkers – which makes it the most populous borough in the city. Just over 70 square miles in size, Brooklyn is the second largest borough in New York and is connected to Manhattan by the world–famous Brooklyn Bridge, which was built in 1883. Home to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, and thousands of small businesses, Brooklyn has a diverse economy that has continued to thrive next to the financial centers in Manhattan. Brooklyn is a cultural center – like all New York City boroughs –– home to the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the New York Transit Museum. Coney Island – home to Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest –– is also located in Brooklyn and its amusement parks have been a major entertainment attraction for New Yorkers since they were first constructed in the 19th century.

The probate process can be a very intimidating and frustrating experience for those who have no experience with the system previously. In the wake of a loved one's death, you are dealing with emotional turmoil and familial pressure, and the addition of complex legal issues can be too much to handle. The probate laws in New York require an incredible attention to detail and can be unforgiving of those who do not understand them. Besides understanding the rules of law, it is also important to ensure that the decedent's estate is administered properly because there are often debts to be paid, tax returns to be filed, and accountings to be prepared to ensure that the probate proceedings go according to plan. The estate administration services of an attorney can prove to be priceless, as a lawyer knows how the system works and can take care of all the details.

An Brooklyn probate attorney has the knowledge to tackle all of the complex issues involved with New York's probate process. Whether you are seeking to be named administrator or executor of the decedent's will, or are simply trying to be sure that your interests are protected throughout the process, the knowledge and advice of a lawyer can make sure that things are handled correctly. Jules Martin Haas has over thirty years of experience with the New York probate system which has given him considerable insight and knowledge that can help you.

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