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We retained Mr. Haas as our attorney for an estate of more than 40 beneficiaries. He did an amazing job assisting us with obtaining preliminary letter of testamentary, decree granting probate and navigating the complex probate process. He also served as our attorney in closing the sale of a property. Mr. Haas is responsive, welcomes questions and always provides expert advice. Mr. Haas is an excellent attorney and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for an estate attorney.
- Kweku King

Living in a different state, I did not meet Mr. Haas personally however during our initial conversations I felt very comfortable and trusted that Mr. Haas had the needed expertise and was the right professional to help me. Mr. Haas is knowledgeable, experienced and diligent. He is honest, realistic, patient and communicates very well. He is also very responsive via phone and email and answers questions concisely and thoroughly. Mr. Haas finalized my case in months, which had previously been in turmoil for several years with former counsel, and I now have peace of mind knowing that all matters were addressed properly and completely. I highly recommend Mr. Haas for any and all matters related to estates, probate and real estate.
- AJ Tatarynowicz

Mr. Haas represented me in a complex case for my father's probate estate settlement, which included spousal elective share complications, real estate, potential eviction and other difficulties. He agreed to take on my case with a very short timeframe for a court date already scheduled which I was not notified about by my former counsel and Mr. Haas got up to speed very quickly.
- Anonymous

Jules Haas is an outstanding attorney who provided exceptional guidance and support throughout my real estate transaction. His extensive knowledge and professionalism were critical in navigating complex legal matters. I am grateful for his dedication and highly recommend his services to anyone in need of expert legal counsel
- Michael Bagalman

I highly recommend Mr. Haas as an exceptional estate lawyer.
- A.C.

Working with Jules was a great experience. Whenever I had questions, which weren't many, he was readily available and offered clear explanations. I highly recommend him.
- A.B.

Look no further than Jules Haas if you're seeking a real estate attorney who navigates probate matters with remarkable speed and efficiency. From the moment I sought his counsel, I was struck by his unwavering commitment to expediency and client satisfaction.

Jules Haas possesses an unparalleled ability to swiftly secure probate approvals, ensuring that families can move forward with peace of mind during what can often be a tumultuous time. His dedication to finding rapid solutions without compromising on quality is truly commendable.

What truly sets Jules Haas apart is his genuine concern for his clients' best interests. With each interaction, I've witnessed his unwavering honesty and transparency, traits that are often rare in the legal profession. He goes above and beyond to address any questions or concerns, fostering open communication every step of the way.

In addition to his prowess in probate matters, Jules Haas is a beacon of expertise in real estate and estate planning. His comprehensive approach has helped countless families navigate complex legal landscapes with ease.

In summary, Jules Haas is not just a lawyer; he is a trusted ally dedicated to delivering swift, effective, and client-centric legal solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Jules Haas to anyone in need of a top-tier real estate and probate attorney.
- A.B.

I recently had the exceptional experience of working with Mr. Jules Martin Haas and I must say it was an extraordinary experience. His dedication, professionalism , integrity and unwavering dedication to his clients making an exceptional attorney. Without a doubt I highly recommend MrJules Martin Haas to anyone seeking a truly remarkable attorney experience…
- H.V.

I've had a long and problematic probate and forclosure issue with in the Kings County court system. Mr. Haas used care and his expertise to help me navigate the complex processes to come to a sayisfying conclusion. I am grateful for his help and happily recommend his services to those looking to solve similar issues.
- D.L.

Just retained Mr.Jules Martin Haas recently. We sat down in his office & I've been looking for an Estate Attorney to handle my Dad's Estate which happens to be 1 of the most messier cases that Mr.Haas has taken on. My family has already been dropped by 1 Estate lawyer from Long Island, but there was something about Mr.Haas that felt so calming after I explained intricate details of 5 siblings who can't agree on the simplicity of just naming an Administrator for crying out loud... He sat me down and explained a concise account of his tactics & visualization of attacking this head on. So at this point after doing 2 weeks of diligent research & checking criteria of possible attorneys I wanted to take on this case all I can say is I left his office with such piece of mind knowing that he's been doing this for over 30 year's & his past clients were all 1000% satisfied with his representation. I retained him with complete confidence that he's going to get the job done. His demeanor is very warm. This lawyer answers his own phone (which I absolutely love) No secretary telling you Sorry,he's not in today like my last lawyer was on vacation every 2 weeks..LOL.... He's polite, warm & friendly & even started referring to my sister by her nickname within 15 minutes in his office. So Yes, we absolutely went for this attorney.
- T.C.P.

I highly recommend Mr. Haas as an exceptional estate lawyer. Recently, I engaged his services for a complex estate dispute, and I was thoroughly impressed with his expertise, dedication, and effectiveness in navigating the legal challenges. From the outset, Mr. Haas demonstrated a profound understanding of estate law and the intricacies involved in estate cases. He carefully listened to the details of my case, displaying an attentive and empathetic approach. His ability to grasp the complexities of the situation was remarkable, allowing him to develop a strategic plan tailored to my specific needs. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Haas exhibited exceptional skills in advocacy and litigation. He meticulously analyzed the evidence, conducted thorough research, and formulated compelling arguments that strengthened my position. His courtroom presence was confident and persuasive, making a compelling case on my behalf. I was particularly impressed by Mr. Haas's ability to anticipate and counter opposing arguments. His in-depth knowledge of estate law, combined with his keen analytical skills, allowed him to identify potential challenges and develop effective strategies to overcome them. Mr. Haas left no stone unturned in building a solid case, leaving me with a sense of confidence and assurance. Moreover, Mr. Haas's professionalism and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome were evident throughout our engagement. He provided clear and concise explanations of complex legal matters, ensuring that I understood each step of the process. His timely communication, responsiveness, and regular updates kept me well-informed and involved in the progress of the case. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Haas as an exceptional estate lawyer for estate battles and trials. His expertise, dedication, and effectiveness in litigation are truly outstanding. If you find yourself facing a complex estate dispute, I have no doubt that Mr. Haas will provide you with the skilled representation and guidance necessary to navigate the challenges successfully
- Hua T.

When I initially called to ask legal questions about my mom's estate, Jules took the time to answer all of my questions. Right away, his patience and responses won me over. I knew I needed to have him help us to navigate this process. From getting me in the position of Administrator of the Estate all the way to the closing of the house-he's been amazing through it all. He's quick and responsive and always available when I call. Even when I was stressed or emotional, he stayed rational, professional and kind. If I had to do this process again-I wouldn't do it with anyone else other than Jules M Haas.
- Jenn

Jules successfully defended us in a guardianship case. Without him, we would have lost custody of my relative. So happy he is our lawyer.
- Gabriella S.

To all who reads this, I would like to share with the world, how great of an attorney Mr Haas is!!! I had him represent me in one of the most complex case in regards to obtaining guardianship. I had multiple lawyers turned me down, mislead me or tried to take advantage of me. But Mr. Haas, was one of the very few who accepted and listened to my case. I am glad I went withMr. Jules Haas, within hours of our conversation, he had a plan and knew what to do and he executed it perfect. I would recommend Mr Jules Martin Haas to anyone who needs an attorney. He shows results and he is very easy to reach and to communicate with, I would advise anyone to not hesitate to reach out to him and his firm. He has that personal touch and knows the law like no other.
- Claudel Gratia

To Jules, You did so much to help me follow through on the requirements for my brother’s estate! Your knowledge and abilities were exemplary. It was daunting for me at times some of which you knew and to have your follow through, know how and experience as a guide through the process have been such a gift for which I am grateful. As said in the public review, I especially appreciate how you handled so much of the sale of the apartment. That was particularly impressive! What would I have done if it had instead been the Pandemic of 1918?! Instead, you came through during Covid! Ketchikan to NYC, NYC to Ketchikan: impressive with Attorney Haas there. Thank you, Jules! I wish you and your family all the best, Jules.
- Kind wishes, Patti

This was a difficult situation for me dealing with the death of a relative in another state far away, during Covid, with legal estate matters to be accomplished. Fortunately, I found Attorney Haas on line; the reviews helped me decide as did the initial consultation. He was knowledgeable as step by step legal needs got completed. Amazingly, he was available by phone for ongoing legal questions/procedures and assurance as we moved through these matters. I appreciate Attorney Haas so very much for all he did, especially in his handling of the sale of property involved. From Alaska to NYC and back again was not easy and he was amazing. My gratitude is immense. This is a capable, experienced and knowledgeable estate attorney.
- Patti Hauser

It has been a great pleasure to have Mr. Haas represent us during a difficult time with our case for the estate of our dear Father. We couldn't be more appreciative of the wonderful work and attention he dedicated to our case. He saw the case through from beginning to end with great detail and accuracy. I am amazed how smooth everything turned out. I highly recommend Mr. Haas’ legal services. Thank you Mr. Haas for all of your hard work.
- H.B.

My family and I are residents of Virginia but recently had the challenge of managing the estate of a deceased family member who resided in Queens, New York. We needed legal representation to help us navigate the legal necessities in settling an estate that was located hundreds of miles away and doing so while in the midst of a pandemic. Attorney Jules Haas was a blessing to our family. Not only did he walk us through a very emotional process with care, his legal representation made us feel safe and less overwhelmed by all that comes with settling an estate. His professionalism truly alleviated our anxieties from start to finish.
- D.E.

The legal representation provided to me by Mr. Jules Hass is second to none. His attention to detail and ability to decipher what the opposing side is both stating and not stating is unmatched. His astute grasp of the applicable statutes was only eclipsed by his ability to listen and quickly implement a plan of action and response. If you require effective legal representation, the clear choice is Mr. Jules Haas.
- G.J.

Mr Haas During The last 4 year after The passing of My Mom... Mr Haas Provided me with the best legal services
- Vincent Shaw

Having to deal with the courts and legal rules and regulations can be intimidating and anxiety raising. Our family was involved in what on paper seemed clear cut and relatively easy; it wasn’t and our journey guided by Mr. Haas began. His knowledge of the law and his experience working with the court systems were reassuring and our anxiety decreased. His attention to detail and his desire to understand the history of our family proved to be invaluable. We grew to trust Mr. Haas and appreciated his guidance. Our family was treated with respect and patience. Hopefully, we never go through another experience like this, but if we did we would definitely seek out Attorney Jules Haas again.
- Carolyn Carter-Miller

My husband and I can not find words to express our deep gratitude for Jules and his team. Jules and team took the time to truly listen to us (not just hear us like other firms). Jules was always available to answer any questions we had and would truly take his time explaining the procedural process, ensuring we fully understood. Jules always remained calm, collected and calculated, even while being taunted by opposing council. If we could give him 10 stars we absolutely would! He is truly a "been there, seen that attorney", who is passionate about protecting his clients, their assets and their families.
- Amber Madmoni

I highly recommend Attorney Jules M. Haas. He is extremely professional, honest, experienced and responsive.

He was very patient and made sure we were informed and understood every step throughout the entire process of settling the Estate of our father Sam Brooks.

Mr. Haas was always available to our phone calls. Questions were answered promptly and professionally.

We have been dealing with this issue twenty years, unsuccessfully, prior to retaining Attorney Haas.

Attorney Jules M. Haas is indeed qualified to handle all situations regarding estate matters, you won't be disappointed.

- Mildred Reid
Louise Swain McCowan

I was fortunate to have Mr. Haas as my attorney in a very emotionally charged will contest. Throughout my case, Mr. Haas maintained his professionalism, composure, insight and empathy at all times, even at times when unrealistic demands were made of him by some of the opposing parties. In addition to these very notable professional qualities, Mr. Haas was always open to any inputs that I had concerning my case and to promptly addressing any of my concerns. For all these reasons, Mr. Haas was able to have the opposing parties to settle this will contest rather than to resolve it at trial, when another attorney without these qualities may have opted for the latter. I cannot thank Mr. Haas enough for his legal knowledge, guidance and taking this difficult case to the finish line.
- W.K.

I was in need of a NY probate attorney to handle the details of my Uncle's estate. I knew it would be a difficult road that we were facing regarding the issues that surrounded the estate but Mr. Haas provided guidance and realistic expectations every step of the way. His communication throughout the process proved nothing less than stellar. I had thought that my residing in another state would prove difficult. Not so. Mr. Haas kept me up to date and explained everything in detail. He obtained all the information that was necessary to support our case. Dealing with probate court (especially those in NY) can be a hairy situation for someone on their own. Even more so trying to deal with the complexities from afar. Thank goodness Mr. Haas has the professionalism and dedication to his specialty that helped incredibly. And the end result was that, due to his expertise, the decedent's final wishes were able to be carried out. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Haas to anyone needing assistance in this area. Top notch!!

Needed a probate attorney and was directed to Mr. Haas. Explained my situation, he listened attentively and took care of filing the paperwork. I needed the estate to be settled ASAP and Mr. Haas did a remarkable job in getting it done quickly. Highly recommend.
- H.R.

I strongly recommend Mr. Haas for any of your legal needs, Mr. Haas helped me tackle a mountain of paperwork after my mother’s passing. Thank you again, Mr. Haas.
- L.F.

Mr. Haas provided outstanding responsive and professional services to me as I managed the estate of my brother. I was challenged by the fact that I live in NC and my brother's property was in NY. Therefore, clear, accurate communication was critical. Mr Haas provided that as he guided me through the process and answered every question I had. Even after all official attorney-client business was completed, I needed assistance that I had not anticipated. My call to Mr. Haas resulted in service that was truly above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Attorney Jules Haas.
- K.T.

Our situation was very complicated and very stressful, but Jules' expertise and guidance helped us ensure that the outcome of the case was what the decedent had intended it to be. Jules' vast yet detailed knowledge in estate law and understanding of the courts really helped win the case. The craziness of the whole situation was made much more bearable by Jules' ability to filter out the nonsense thrown at us by the opposing side and focusing on what was important, thus making sure the true wishes of the decedent was what was honored in the end. Thanks, Jules!!!!
- V.H.

SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL!!!!! I live in Maryland and I contacted Jules Haas regarding an Estate Administration Proceeding case in New York on behalf of my mother. Jules returned my call within a couple of hours and gave me accurate information that was invaluable and was able to give us peace of mind about the situation. He is very easy to talk with and relatable. He definitely knows this area of law. Mr. Haas had to inform the opposing counsel about the law. We won the case!! My mother and I are very thankful for his help and we totally recommend his services.
- Vanessa Stallings

I just completed an estate transaction where Jules Haas represented my client in an estate and he did a great job! He was very quick at responding to all matters throughout the sale process, he was detailed, he was knowledgeable and he was a pleasure to work with. I just recommended him to some new clients who are going through an estate matter and will continue to recommend him.
- Rodolfo Lucchese

I am very grateful to Mr. Jules Martin Haas attorney of law in New York. I am from Buenos Aires Argentina. He managed with expertise a very difficult situation. of a complicate heritage from my aunt Anna Grodzka that lived and died a very long time ago in New York. I recommend him not only for his extraordinary knowledge but also for his kindness.
- Irma CW Peusner

I found Mr. Haas after being misguided by a former attorney. Mr. Jules Haas took our case which involved an estate/trust dispute. What initially seemed like an impossible and overwhelming legal fight was now in the hands of someone who had the integrity and legal expertise to win our case. Mr Haas' attention to detail and his expert knowledge base, skillfully and successfully guided us through an intricate legal process. I am very thankful and grateful to Mr. Jules Haas for representing our interest and ultimately winning. Bringing about a peace of mind we needed. Thank You
- Devida Nedd

I was in need of a guardianship attorney and I hired the services of Jules M. Haas' Law firm. The service of counselor Haas and his staff, was very profesional and the case was handled in a timely matter. I would strongly recommend his services.
- Angel Guevara

I strongly recommend Jules Haas. I have worked with him for two years and he has provided so much support and followed through with everything he promised he would do. His support staff is just as helpful! We had an interesting case and he helped to solve each part of it legally and was very thorough. Thank you for everything you have done to finalize our families estate.
- Robyn Stafford

Jules Haas helped me with managing the process in probate court for my father's estate through to its completion upon the sale of my father's house. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and effective in submitting documentation to the probate court, explaining procedures to me, and advising me as to the progress of my case. His support staff was also very helpful. He made what for me created so much anxiety into something manageable where I could see progress every step of the way. His fees were very reasonable. I am super grateful to him for all the help he has provided and strongly recommend his services.
- Diana Janer