Condominiums in NY

Handling Condominium Ownership Issues in New York

Real estate deals often don't run smoothly and efficiently because important items are overlooked. I am an experienced New York City condominium attorney that can help you save time, aggravation, and disappointment.  I work closely with my clients in all aspects of their condominium New York transactions including property inspection, real estate broker agreements, contract  preparation,  negotiation, financing, and title and closings issues.

As a condominium lawyer in New York City, I have represented many clients regarding their purchase or sale of a condominium and work with them personally to achieve a successful result.

Condominium ownership is quite common in New York.  When you purchase a unit or apartment in a condominium you receive a deed, in the same manner as when you buy a house.  However, unlike owning a single family home, you are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the condominium management.

In many ways, owning a New York condominium is like owning a cooperative apartment since you are bound by the rules of the community.  Most condominium rules allow you to sell your unit to whomever you choose except that the condominium has a right of first refusal to purchase the unit at the proposed selling price.

Since you are part of the condominium community, it is important to research and review the condominium by-laws, rules and regulations and financial statements before you purchase.  A New York City condominium lawyer can help you conduct this research. The information provided in these documents can be complex and can effect the market value of your unit and your ability to obtain mortgage financing.

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