Landlord and Tenant Issues

New York City Lawyer for Any Serious Landlord-Tenant Issue

Landlord-tenant relationships need not be confrontational. However, like cats and dogs, there is a natural adversarial relationship built in, and, there is a serious need for New York City landlord-tenant lawyers to mediate between a landlord and a tenant. Leases and occupancy issues surround the rental of commercial and residential real property (rental property).

There are many points of contention between landlords and tenants particularly issues arising in eviction or summary proceedings such as primary tenancy, non-payment of rent and claims of nuisance. The drafting or negotiation of a lease also involves many details and an understanding of a client's needs and requirements. Landlord-tenant attorneys in New York City can assist parties with these matters.

I represent both commercial and residential clients in real estate and landlord-tenant matters. I work closely with my clients in all aspects of each transaction.

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