Long Island, New York

Long Island Probate

Long Island has long been known for its picturesque communities, world–class golf courses, and its dazzling coastline. The Gold Coast, as it is often called, was celebrated in F. Scott Fitzgerald's legendary tome The Great Gatsby and has introduced generations of schoolchildren to Long Island. Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, and Walt Whitman are just a few of the famous past residents of Long Island, and many of New York's modern–day movers and shakers have called Long Island home. Because of its proximity to one of the largest cultural and financial centers on earth, New York, and its beautiful scenery, Long Island has become the 17th most populous island in the world.

There are two distinct roads one can travel in the New York probate system: one involves decedents that pass away with a will, and the other involves those who die without one. A person may pass intestate, or sans will, because their last will and testament was lost or destroyed. Under those circumstances, anyone wishing to begin probate proceedings must establish that the decedent did not revoke the will and still wished the document to have legal operation. Additionally, the law requires that parties petition the court and present adequate information validating the provisions of the will. Because the law sets forth a high burden of proof in intestate probate proceedings, it is a good idea to hire an attorney beforehand. A trained Long Island probate attorney can utilize his knowledge and experience to gather the evidence needed and marshal those facts to navigate the probate system effectively.

In addition to the court proceedings, an attorney can also help administer the decedent's estate. No matter if you have been named the executor or administrator of an estate already or wish to be appointed as one, the amount of work required for those in such a position can be overwhelming. The guidance and help of an attorney familiar with the responsibilities and processes of asset collection, management, and disbursement can make all the difference. Jules Martin Haas has decades of experience in the field of estate administration, and he can bring that considerable experience to bear for you too.

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