Look For Experience & Dedication Among NYC Estate Lawyers

NYC Estate Lawyers can help with estate administration, probate and Surrogate's Court proceedings.  They can also arrange the transfer of assets to heirs or other beneficiaries.  Dying without a will - also known as dying "intestate" - can be costly to heirs and does not allow a person to determine the distribution of their estate.

It is essential that a person consider and prepare and execute an appropriate Last Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney and Living Will.  These documents will help to provide a plan of property distribution and protect the interests of family members and friends who may not be provided for without proper planning.

Also, given that tax laws today are likely to change in the near future, it's crucial to consult with a qualified experienced attorney who can give you the personal attention you need. My practice stands out in its personal, hands on approach.

I have many years of experience advising my clients regarding estate administration, probate, Surrogate's Court proceedings and the planning and the creation of their Wills and Trusts. I am dedicated to making sure that a client's estate plan is both sound and in accordance with their wishes.

After graduating in the top 10% of my class at The New England School of Law in Boston  and serving on the prestigious “Law Review,” I have been running my own successful law practice.

For personalized attentive service and a free case evaluation you can contact me by telephone: (212) 355-2575, fax (212) 751-5911 or email