Mortgage Information

New York City Attorney Providing Mortgage Information 

Buying a home is an emotional experience because you have the actual home-buying process to deal with and you also have the mortgage process to handle. The mortgage process can be smooth and almost uneventful, or unnerving. As a New York City mortgage lawyer can explain, a great deal depends upon your preparation, the mortgage company, and how much you know about the mortgage process. You almost can't have too much mortgage information.

There are different types of mortgages such as fixed rate or adjustable rate. Also, lenders impose various charges in connection with the loan application and closing and have different lending guidelines.

There is no substitute for a home-buyer’s due diligence in exploring and ascertaining all information concerning the loan products that are available. Comparative shopping is essential both to an understanding of the loan and to obtaining the best loan terms available.

As a New York City mortgage attorney, I work closely with my clients in all aspects of real estate law and financing including property inspection, real estate broker agreements, contract preparation and negotiation, financing, title and survey issues and closings.

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