NY Estate Laws And Your Assets

NY Estate laws encompass many different types of cases and situations. These laws deal with situations, among others, such as probate of Wills and administration proceedings where someone dies without a Will.

When a person dies without a Will, local statues determine who will inherit the person’s estate. Issues regarding kinship may add additional complexity to these proceedings.

Probate codes also provide extensive rules regarding Last Wills, including the formalities required to create a valid Will such as witnesses and proper execution.

As you can imagine, having a local law determine the manner in which your assets will be distributed may not reflect your wishes. It's best to create a Will or a Revocable Living Trust. A lawyer well versed in estate planning can explain the consequences of some of the most basic choices available to you in terms of how you would like your estate to be distributed. It is advisable to consult with an estate planning lawyer and have him or her draft your Will so that you do not make costly mistakes or accidentally not accomplish what you intended.

I have many years of experience working with and advising clients concerning decendent’s estates and the creation and implementation of plans that effectively express the clients’ personal desires regarding the disposition and protection of assets. Regardless of the size of an estate, most adults — young and old — and their families benefit greatly from having a well-prepared estate plan consisting of documents such as a: Last Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney and Living Will.

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