Real Estate

I Have Over 30 Years Experience as a New York City Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or more experienced in the real estate world, I provide guidance as to all aspects of a real estate transaction or litigation.

Closings- I have represented clients in closings involving cooperatives, condominiums, and single and multi-family homes. I carefully review all aspects of the transaction including the contract, the mortgage loan or refinancing provisions and the closing cost amounts as well as the deed and title search I work together with my clients to go from contract to closing as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Litigation- As a real estate attorney in New York City, I have represented clients in Court proceedings on matters such as the validity of a deed where one party may have improperly induced another to sign deed documents. Such proceedings may result in a constructive trust. I have also helped clients in litigation regarding, encroachments and other title issues such as partition. I appreciate the concerns clients experience in Court proceedings and I try to advance their interests and avoid undue delay. Landlord – Tenant - I have counseled clients in preparing and reviewing residential and commercial and store leases and have protected their interests in landlord-tenant eviction issues such as primary residence, non-payment proceedings, hold-over proceedings and other lease disputes which often involve local rent stabilization or rent control issues.

Given the rapidly changing real estate landscape in New York, having a qualified and experienced New York City real estate attorney is crucial.

I represent both residential and commercial clients and provide personal attention to all matters.

Do you need a lawyer or have questions? Contact me by phone (212) 355-2575 or by email for an appointment with a real estate lawyer in New York City.