Title Report Information

New York City Attorney Providing Advice on Title Reports

A Title Report is simply the written analysis of the status of title to real property, including a property description, names of titleholders and the manner in which title is held (joint tenancy, etc.), encumbrances (mortgages, liens, recorded judgments), and real property taxes due. A New York City title report lawyer can break down each element of the report for you. The title report is issued after the report is ordered and at the time of closing an up-to-date report is issued along with a title insurance policy.

It is important to pay attention to the report of title since it may show property defects that would result in a cancellation of the transaction if not cured by the seller before closing. Typically, real estate contracts require that a seller provide title that is verifiable and clear of encumbrances and liens and other defects.

As a New York City title report attorney, I represent both commercial and residential clients in real estate transactions. This representation includes the purchase or sale of single or multi-family homes, cooperatives and condominiums. I work closely with my clients in all aspects of each transaction including property inspection, real estate broker agreements, contract and lease preparation and negotiation, financing, title and survey issues and closings.

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