Zoning Requirements

New York City Lawyer Knowledgeable in Zoning Requirements For Tenants and Business Owners

Zoning rules and regulations are an important consideration with regard to the ownership and use of real estate.  Zoning on a parcel of land may be inconsistent with the use the land owner desires, or worse, the actual use conflicts with zoning requirements. Each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations, and consulting a New York City zoning lawyer may be important to understanding them.

Like all cities, NYC is divided into zones that regulate how property can be used. Zoning requirements can be confusing, but if you're involved in real estate development, improvement, sales or purchases, you'll have to deal with zoning issues. It is important to know and understand the zoning requirements that effect the property you are considering purchasing or leasing.  You want to be certain that the intended uses and modifications of the property are allowed by the local zoning codes.

As a New York City zoning attorney, I represent both commercial and residential clients in real estate transactions. This representation includes the purchase or sale of single or multi-family homes.  I provide my clients with personal representation and work closely with them to advance their matters throughout the New York area.

Attorneys, architects and other professionals regularly work with clients to review zoning requirements and issues that may affect their client's property.

I graduated in the top 10% of my class at The New England School of Law in Boston and  served on the prestigious “Law Review.”

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