Advice for Home Buyers

An Experienced New York City Attorney Can Assist a Home Buyer With the House Closing Process

The goal of every home buyer is reaching the closing process. This is the necessary final step involved in sealing the deal on a home purchase. Once you find your perfect house, it is important to move quickly and have all essential papers and steps completed efficiently. However, it's difficult to move fast if you are a first time home buyer and/or you are unfamiliar with the process. And it's a complicated process. More than likely, you'll need a qualified New York City home buyer attorney.

As a home buyer, you will need to deal with many different documents at closing. The Contract of Sale will contain provisions relating to the closing date and place of closing. These particulars will need to be coordinated by your attorney with the attorney for the Seller, the mortgage lender and also the title company representative. Also, the mortgage documents and title papers must be reviewed and finalized at the closing. Most importantly, a complete analysis and break-down of the funds needed to close the transaction must be obtained including the amounts needed to finalize the purchase and to pay for all mortgage lender fees and title review and recording charges.

The closing process can be complicated, but an experienced New York City home buyer lawyer can help you through it. I work closely with my clients in all aspects of each transaction including property inspection, real estate broker agreements, contract and lease matters and negotiation, financing, title and survey issues and closings. I represent both commercial and residential clients in real estate transactions. This representation includes the purchase or sale of single or multi-family homes, cooperatives and condominiums throughout the entire New York area.

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