Having an Estate Beneficiary

I Can Help Protect Wealth For An Estate Beneficiary

I have many years of experience working personally with clients in creating the type of estate plan that expresses their special needs and desires. Paramount in their concerns is leaving as much as possible to their beneficiaries. My practice as a New York City estate beneficiary lawyer seeks to promote the protection of your assets while providing your estate beneficiary with the maximum preservation of wealth. My practice stands out in its personal attention to your needs and those of your estate beneficiary.

In most situations, selecting a beneficiary and providing for him or her in your Will may be straightforward.  However, some situations require particular attention.  It is rather common that an intended beneficiary is affected by a disability.  This condition may be physical or psychological and the beneficiary can be incapacitated and unable to manage his own affairs.  Moreover, such person may be receiving government benefits such as Medicaid or Social Security disability and a bequest from an estate might curtail or cut-off such benefits.  This scenario may require the use of a Supplemental Needs Trust (SNT) to hold and administer the assets for the benefit of the disabled beneficiary. The SNT provisions can be set up in a Last Will and are meant to provide the use of the funds for the beneficiary while not interfering with his receipt of government benefits.

An estate beneficiary lawyer in New York City, like those in other parts of New York, are familiar with the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law.  Section 7-1.12 of  this statute provides the requirements for a SNT.

Also, you may find that you are an estate beneficiary and need help and guidance in protecting your rights.  I have represented many estate beneficiaries in New York Court proceedings so that they received the assets and property they were entitled to as an estate beneficiary.

It is not uncommon for a beneficiary to learn that the decedent signed a new Will shortly before death that changed his estate plan from that in an earlier Will.  Where a beneficiary's interest appears to be at risk by a Will whose validity is in doubt, there may be a basis to file Objections to a Will.  Estate Litigation involving Will contests can be very complex and the assistance of an experienced Probate attorney can be helpful.

There are situations where the language of a Will or Trust is ambiguous or confusing and the Court may be asked to clarify or interpret these provisions. Also, when an Executor or Administrator is preparing to distribute funds to a beneficiary, the fiduciary typically prepares an accounting for the beneficiary to review and approve.  As a New York City estate beneficiary attorney, I have represented many individuals regarding the preparation and review of estate and trust accountings,

I have been practicing law for over 25 years. I graduated in the top 10% of my class at The New England School of Law in Boston and served on Law Review. I'm committed to the success of my clients. I enjoy working through the nuances of a case's details often uncovering something important that didn't initially seem obvious. I love hearing a client say, "Thank you so much Jules."

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