Land Survey

Advice from a Land Survey Attorney in New York City

Home buyers should obtain a proper land survey as a necessary step before purchasing a house. A survey land company will measure the dimensions of the land and provide the prospective buyer with a detailed property abstract. This property abstract will show the property lines, driveway, fence lines and even landscaping objects. Bear in mind that a survey can determine what is located on the property, such as whether there are any encroachments, any improper usage by abutting owners, if a driveway is wholly on a parcel, and the location of easements. A land survey is typically obtained as part of the examination of title, and a New York City land survey lawyer will be able to advise you on how to interpret it.

A land survey will show a prospective purchaser whether issues regarding encroachments or the use of the land would affect the purchaser's good title, or interfere with the purchaser's intended use or lead to possible disputes with adjoining landowners or municipal authorities.  Consult with an experienced lawyer to handle your real estate matters and answer your questions regarding land surveys.

As a land survey lawyer in New York City, I have represented both commercial and residential clients in real estate transactions for 30 years.  My representation has included the purchase or sale of single and multi-family homes and real estate litigation. I work closely with my clients in the review of real estate contracts, title searches and surveys so that their sale or purchase transaction is efficient and successful.

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