Selecting Beneficiaries of Will

Ensure Your Assets Are Left to Beneficiaries of Your Choice in Your Will

Beneficiaries of a Will are the people or entities you name in your Will to receive your assets upon your death. For example, you can name: one person; two or more people; the trustee of a Trust you’ve set up; or a charity. Named beneficiaries are also designated in trusts. It is important that you name your beneficiaries and do it properly to make sure that your intentions are fulfilled. Confusing or incomplete language or designations can destroy an otherwise good estate plan. A New York City will beneficiary lawyer can help you try to avoid Court proceedings in which competing parties attempt to determine the meaning or proper construction of a Will or a Trust provision.

Full consideration should be given to clearly naming the beneficiaries of Will or Trust. Secondary (contingent) beneficiaries should also be carefully considered and identified as well. It is also important to review and amend the beneficiaries of your Will periodically. Beneficiaries may die or your feelings about them may change.

As a will beneficiary attorney in New York City, I have many years of experience working with clients in the creation and implementation of plans that effectively express clients’ desires regarding the disposition and protection of assets. I also work closely with clients in Court proceedings where the interpretation of Wills, Trusts or other documents need to be resolved.

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