Suffolk County, New York

Suffolk County Probate

Suffolk County occupies the eastern end of Long Island with Nassau County running along its western border. Suffolk County is named after Suffolk, England, and currently has over 1.4 million residents. Perhaps best known for its wealthy resort communities like the Hamptons and Montauk which are frequented by New York City's elite, Suffolk County is also home to numerous state and national parks and preserves. The county also boasts a beautiful shoreline with plenty of fabulous beaches, and is also home to Shinnecock Hills Golf Course – a championship-level course that has hosted the U.S. Open four times in its storied history.

When a person dies, they leave behind their worldly possessions and a whole host of legal issues attached to those possessions. The decedent's debts also remain attached to his or her estate, which is why the probate process is an accounting of sorts. The Surrogate's Court performs this accounting in New York state, and it is the Court's job to sift through the decedent's affairs and wishes and distribute that person's assets accordingly. Should you be in line to receive part of someone's estate through a will, or are in line to be appointed executor of a will, the advice of a Suffolk County probate attorney is of inestimable worth. You can relax in the knowledge that your interests are being pursued with dedication and vigor.

Often, during the estate settlement process, elements of the decedent's estate are sold – either to pay off creditors or pursuant to that persons last will and testament. Before the property is liquidated, it must be appraised and valued to arrive at an appropriate sales price, and you will want a knowledgeable attorney involved on your behalf. If you are named the executor of a will, your lawyer can fully explain the duties, rights, and liabilities that come with such a role, and advise you to make sure that you are protected.

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